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Get Prepared for the Google Mobilegeddon on April 21st

It has been quite a time that the usage of internet in mobiles has become very widespread and common. Google has always considered the mobile usability as an important factor. Websites that are not supported with mobile devices have a lower rank and this ranking factor was very limited and ambiguous. But now Google has decided to throw light on this matter and clear out the misconceptions. Google has planned a total update or people are calling it Mobilegeddon and it is likely to be happening on April 21st this year.


As mobile devices and smartphones had become so widespread that considering this sector is really important and now Google will be clarifying the doubts and the ranking will also be based on the traffic you are getting from mobile devices. The whole search algorithm for mobile will be changed by Google by 21st of April. This algorithm change of the giant search engine Google will entirely revolutionize the mobile friendliness. This will give a real meaning to mobile friendly websites.

Updates: It is a thing to wonder why Google is updating its algorithm and that too on 21st April. There is very little known about it. Google updates are usually data references and little tweaks on the existing algorithm and nothing more. Previous updates did not affect the page ranking much. But this time the officials from Google have been heard saying that this time there will some remarkable changes in the page ranking. The whole system of ranking a page is changing and thus this change is algorithm will bring a significant change in the ranking order. For now, very little is known about the update so we cannot envision the actual impact it will have but it is for sure that there will be emphasis on mobile friendliness and majority of the non-optimized site will face a severe blow in the ranking order.

Recent Trends: About 60% of all the Google searches are now executed on mobile devices. So Google is doing a sensible thing by changing the algorithm and putting more emphasis on mobile friendliness of a website while giving it a page rank. There will be a major change in the way search results will be shown. A signed in user will have a better experience and the search will be optimized according to the indexed apps and tools of the user. It is very clear that organizations which do not have a mobile friendly web site is going to get a blow and those with optimized sites will see a progress in the ranks.

Preparations to be taken: if you have already got a mobile friendly site then you don’t need to worry much but if you still don’t have a mobile optimized website then go ahead and make it mobile friendly. Now it is the critical time for those not having a responsive site. There are many ways to ensure a good rank after this update from Google that is you need to ensure that the mobile version of the webs site is active. You can go for responsive designs which are now in the latest trends or you can maintain a separate mobile site differently. Google doesn’t have any preferences to responsive site or separate mobile website. Please check the pages of your website by running it in mobile devices for ensuring proper navigation and overall compactness.

Google has also introduced two tests for checking the mobile friendliness of your web site. Mobile Friendly Test is a test which can be done with your site to see whether it meets the minimal credentials. There is another test or tool available that is Mobile Usability Report where you can see how Google is evaluating your site and it is quite reliable also.

This April 21st we are going to experience the biggest change in the algorithm for making it more mobile friendliness. And if you are not having a mobile friendly site then this update will seriously hinder your rankings from Google.

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