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Do I need mobile and tablet friendly / Responsive website?

If you want to reach a larger audience and stay sync with the latest fashions in web designing world then a responsive design is what all you need. The benefits of a responsive web design is directly associated with SEO. Using a responsive web design makes a business oriented website one step ahead of the competition and nowadays most of the website is having a responsive design. So to keep a neck to neck competition a website needs a responsive design which is fit for both desktop and other smaller smart devices. A responsive design increases the conversion rates and keeps the viewer happy.

If you are not aware of the term “responsive design website” then the simplest definition for you is a website which has optimized viewing ability that is you can access the website in your laptops, touchscreen smart phones and tablets. Thus a responsive design makes a website adaptable to different size of screens and pixel with a hundred percent experience of the site. This makes the website to adapt to the screen size and allows the user to navigate through the website without scrolling left and right and moreover it gives the website compactness even in smaller screens. The websites which appear exactly the same in a desktop as well as in a smartphone but only smaller in size then that is not a responsive design. With responsive design user can interact and navigate the website without zooming in or out.


These are some of the reasons why you need a responsive website design:

Stay in touch with the customers: Statistics shows that more than 30% of the visitors come from tablets and smartphones. And if these 30% of the traffic is not offered with a user friendly option then you are losing the business. So a responsive design makes you to reach a wider range of viewers and keep in touch with them.

Easy to Manage: A website with a responsive design is quite easier to manage as it has got the same set of codes. The websites which are only mobile friendly has to manage by dealing with two different set of codes.

SEO benefits: Most of the people recommend a responsive design for better SEO. Even Google recommends the responsive design as the best for reaching the people. Any twitches performed in the SEO for the desktop version is also applicable to the mobile version so in one go you deal with two problems. You have the probability to stand higher in the completion if you have a responsive design for your website.

Increased conversions or earnings: With a responsive design you are likely to get higher conversion rates and earn more through the advertisements. Migration of three AdSense websites to a responsive design made 20-30% increment in the earnings via ads.

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