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10 Reasons People Leave Your Website

You have done everything possible to make your website classy and interesting. You have good content and polished images of the products and services. But still you can’t experience any visitor to actually become interested in your products and services. There are many places where you can put your effort to see your visitors turning into valuable customers. There are always areas to improve on your website and it is more likely that the more you put effort on your website there will be more conversion of visitors to customers. Here in this section we will discuss about the reasons why visitors don’t stick to the offered products and services and we will also take you through how we can improve this situation. Following are the ten most important reasons why people leave your website:

  1. Your Design is out-dated: There arefamous sayings that “don’t judge a book by its cover” but to our astonishment we all do this. And same goes for website also. It has been studied and researched by psychologist that people tend to trust that website which is well designed and up to the latest trend. So if your website looks something from the 90s then it is a time to redesign your website and make it more professional.
  2. Your content is difficult to read: Only the design is not what the users notice in a website. Your content must be readable and not too much of fancy design. Factors like font size of the content, background colour and others can be a deciding factor whether a visitor likes it or not. It must be easily readable. Try using high contrast colours and maintain a standard font size of at least 12 for content and above 20 for headings.
  3. Your site depends on back dated plugins: If you are still using flash files in your website then it is more likely that you are keeping your visitors always waiting and they need to update those out dated plugins. So it is wise to use HTML5 for all videos and animations so that the user is not kept waiting too much. Provide a brief or a transcript of the videos for those visitors who don’t want to see videos.
  4. Too much of advertisements: Too much of ad in your website may piss off your visitors and thus they run away. It has been noticed that visitors don’t trust such website with loads of ad in it everywhere. Make sure that you make your visitors see the actual content and not the ads. The ad should not cover too much of space in the screen otherwise your visitor wont covert into a customer.
  5. The videos auto-plays on your website: whenever I see a website with automatic video playing I am too fast clicking the back button. Today customers are quite choosy about the online content they wish to see. So forcing them with a video is too desperate and thus resulting in running away of customers.
  6. The navigation structure is not well defined: It really pisses off the customers if they don’t get what they are looking for. An untidy navigation structure can lead to harm in SEO also. Thus make sure your website has a tidy and crisp navigation pattern.
  7. Slow loading: It has been confirmed from many researchers conducted by different organization that if the site loads slowly then it is more likely that the visitor will come out of it readily. So it is an important thing to employ optimizer to your website loading process.
  8. Your product benefits are not clear: If the product benefits are not presented in an interesting way than you can’t compel the visitor to buy your products or services. It is a very crucial technique of wisely showing the actual product benefits than the features of the product directly.
  9. Your website is not responsive:Today most of the time users access internet from their mobile devices so if your website doesn’t work properly in a mobile device then you might lose quite a chunk of customers. So if you still haven’t applied a responsive theme for your site then it must be the first thing in your to-do list if you want to increase your customer base.

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5 Tips to Hire a Web Firm

Website development is a growing industry. Every other industry now requires a web industry, hence the opportunity for a website developing firm is simply booming. With a boom comes the need of having a great portfolio as well, to stand out in the market. The only key to shine in the website development industry is to put all the efforts in developing a top notch website, combined with creativity, coding and precision. Reaching out to the clients is also necessary for a startup; but after first few successful website developments the potential clients should reach out for the web firms. That’s how a web development firm should build themselves.

Here are 5 good tips all the newcomers in the industry should follow.

Having a Portfolio is Important
Having little or no experience in the web development industry is no drawback. However, before approaching a client to get hired; a set of pre-made portfolio contents should be presented. That’s how the client gets to know the potentials underlying within the team. There’s no hard and fast format to follow for a portfolio, but a portfolio should contain link to a personal or company website where the firm’s missions and objectives should be clearly stated, this sort of acts like a CV. Few projects with Github serves a better impression; and links to the websites your firm has already built, if any.

Ditch Fancy Titles, Stick to Simple
In the web development industry, no one goes by some out of the world fancy titles. Only ‘web developer’ does the job, no one cares whether a firm has stormed there brain out to choose a title. However, your firm should have a catchy name within the simple limits. Don’t create something that becomes off limit for many people to understand. Most of the clients are going to be business people who won’t know intellectual IT terms anyways.

Degrees Aren’t Important. Outputs are.
In web development industry, no one judges a development firm by the degrees of the owners. Instead, far sightedness is more important. Website industry is ever growing and always changing, hence the investors need the commitment that the firm they put faith on is worth their money.

Having an excellent result from and knowledgeable degrees is never bad. It’s the crown jewel of a firm’s portfolio. But not having it doesn’t hurt.

Focus More on Skills
Everyone expects quality job from a web developer. While creating a portfolio, how the cover looks like is not important. Most likely the cover letter or introduction summary is going to be ignored, anyways. But the skills and portfolios page is truly important. If you believe your team still needs to learn some basic degrees, start learning already. The corporate world goes along judging the looks a lot, true, but not in practical caseus.

Be Good Marketers
This is going to be contradictory to the previous topic, but a web development firm needs to know good marketing as well. If potential clients can never know that there’s a web development firm they could hire for lot less, yet get a service thousand times better than they expected – then you can’t really blame them. Get some basic idea on business and marketing, put them in use.

Remember, in most cases the clients are going to be non-techy people. Enlighten them up in plain human language how you intend to develop a website for them and keep the technical details at its least. Building up some free websites for charities could be a head start for a web development firm.

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Best Practices of Successful Website

You no longer can say no to a website!

As the old saying goes, ‘First impression is the best impression’. This holds good even in this technologically advanced world, even so more in the case of websites. A website is what a potential client will look up even before he picks up the phone and rings you. If he is impressed with what he sees, there is a very good chance that he will take it forward. On the other hand, if the website takes too long to load or is unresponsive, you might never hear from him ever. So if you are planning to take your business to the next level by going online and having a website hosted, make sure you do it the right way. Because sometimes, having a badly designed website is worse than having none at all.

To sum it up, here are the main reasons why having a website isn’t a choice anymore

  • Customers would want to look you up and if they do not find a website listed, they are going to drop it right then and there.
  • When they search for a service you are providing and Google directs them to your competitor’s website just because you don’t have a website isn’t exactly one of the greatest marketing strategies.
  • A website allows even a start up to build their brand with minimum investments
  • Customers have a source to reach you for quick responses.


So what are the best practices of successful websites?

Although you would want your website to be a reflection of who you are and the kind of business you offer, there are quite a few industry approved best practices that can go a long way in determining the success rate of your website.

  • Elegant design: No user would stay on a website that is cluttered with videos, ads and images. One might think that a flashy website may catch attention, but the reality couldn’t be farther from the truth. Above all, the users should be able to navigate through the website easily
  • Have a CTA button: A call to action button is mandatory for businesses who are trying to convert visitors into prospective clients. Again, do not make it too flashy. Let it blend with the other contents on your website.
  • No plagiarization please! No matter what content you use on your website, image, text or video, make sure they are authentic and you don’t have violate any copyrights. Clients have become smarter these days and they do their homework before visiting a website. Chances are they will quickly spot an image or a content they have seen somewhere else. Understandably, your authenticity takes a hit there and that is the last thing you would need.
  • Design a responsive website: People use a variety of devices to access a website these days. Keep this in mind while you create a website. You wouldn’t want to lose half of your customers just because they can’t access your website properly from their smartphone

By following the above best practices, you can make sure that you have a website that is definitely going to be a crowd-puller!

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Get Prepared for the Google Mobilegeddon on April 21st

It has been quite a time that the usage of internet in mobiles has become very widespread and common. Google has always considered the mobile usability as an important factor. Websites that are not supported with mobile devices have a lower rank and this ranking factor was very limited and ambiguous. But now Google has decided to throw light on this matter and clear out the misconceptions. Google has planned a total update or people are calling it Mobilegeddon and it is likely to be happening on April 21st this year.


As mobile devices and smartphones had become so widespread that considering this sector is really important and now Google will be clarifying the doubts and the ranking will also be based on the traffic you are getting from mobile devices. The whole search algorithm for mobile will be changed by Google by 21st of April. This algorithm change of the giant search engine Google will entirely revolutionize the mobile friendliness. This will give a real meaning to mobile friendly websites.

Updates: It is a thing to wonder why Google is updating its algorithm and that too on 21st April. There is very little known about it. Google updates are usually data references and little tweaks on the existing algorithm and nothing more. Previous updates did not affect the page ranking much. But this time the officials from Google have been heard saying that this time there will some remarkable changes in the page ranking. The whole system of ranking a page is changing and thus this change is algorithm will bring a significant change in the ranking order. For now, very little is known about the update so we cannot envision the actual impact it will have but it is for sure that there will be emphasis on mobile friendliness and majority of the non-optimized site will face a severe blow in the ranking order.

Recent Trends: About 60% of all the Google searches are now executed on mobile devices. So Google is doing a sensible thing by changing the algorithm and putting more emphasis on mobile friendliness of a website while giving it a page rank. There will be a major change in the way search results will be shown. A signed in user will have a better experience and the search will be optimized according to the indexed apps and tools of the user. It is very clear that organizations which do not have a mobile friendly web site is going to get a blow and those with optimized sites will see a progress in the ranks.

Preparations to be taken: if you have already got a mobile friendly site then you don’t need to worry much but if you still don’t have a mobile optimized website then go ahead and make it mobile friendly. Now it is the critical time for those not having a responsive site. There are many ways to ensure a good rank after this update from Google that is you need to ensure that the mobile version of the webs site is active. You can go for responsive designs which are now in the latest trends or you can maintain a separate mobile site differently. Google doesn’t have any preferences to responsive site or separate mobile website. Please check the pages of your website by running it in mobile devices for ensuring proper navigation and overall compactness.

Google has also introduced two tests for checking the mobile friendliness of your web site. Mobile Friendly Test is a test which can be done with your site to see whether it meets the minimal credentials. There is another test or tool available that is Mobile Usability Report where you can see how Google is evaluating your site and it is quite reliable also.

This April 21st we are going to experience the biggest change in the algorithm for making it more mobile friendliness. And if you are not having a mobile friendly site then this update will seriously hinder your rankings from Google.

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Professional website for your business

A website is an essential advertising tool that is an undeniable requirement has for any business in present times. Having web presence boosts growth beyond anyone’s expectations by presenting your specialty and also staying aware of the shortcomings.

By having web presence, you have the capacity to catch customers comprehensively rather than the constrained nearby market. A website is additionally a much less expensive advertising option that gives thorough data to your customers whenever the timing is ideal.

Building the website is just piece of the process. It would not bode well to make an unbelievably useful and appealing website if no one ever discovers it! The most essential place in making the presence of business alive in the web is the websites. In this way, it is vital for any business to go for the production of their website, these websites can pass on the messages that the business needs to pass on to their potential client about the different items and services that they offer to the users.

Nonetheless, we should remember that making a website is one thing and frequently updating it is something else by and large. It is anything but difficult to make a website for your business yet this is not simply what you need to do, you will need to take out time all the time to redesign the website so you can have most recent data of your business in the website.

Increase credibility of your business and save money
Today, more purchasers utilize the web to discover the items or service they require. Your small or large business will pick up believability by having a site. Without one, potential clients will go to your rivals that do. For home-based organizations, this is especially helpful since you don’t have a store front to advance your items or services.


As an entrepreneur you most likely think you can’t bear the cost of an expert site, however you can’t bear the cost of not having one. Despite the fact that the expense of building a site differs, once it’s up and running it will pay off. Compared to advertising on other medium it is much cheap. Moreover Think about your site just like your online pamphlet or list. It is much less demanding and snappier to upgrade data about your items and services on your site than in print material, making it a successful method for telling your clients about the landing of new items, up and coming occasions, uncommon advancements, or any new services you now offer. Not at all like print promotions which rapidly get to be old fashioned, your site can give current data and news.

Connect with your buyers
A site is accessible to both your general and potential clients all day, every day/365 giving them the comfort of exploring your items and services when your store or office is shut. With today’s occupied ways of life, this is an extraordinary offering moment that settling on a buy choice.


Possibly you offer ecologically friendly items and might want to impart tips on the best way to reuse, or maybe you’re an accountant and need to give your customers consultations on the most proficient method to streamline their accounting practices. Website is the best way to provide after sales support quickly.

Web designing firms
Web designing firms understands your needs and work accordingly. There are many things to consider so that your website can represent your business or enterprise properly. A good web designing company will focus on the type of your business and create a website that is relevant.

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Do I need mobile and tablet friendly / Responsive website?

If you want to reach a larger audience and stay sync with the latest fashions in web designing world then a responsive design is what all you need. The benefits of a responsive web design is directly associated with SEO. Using a responsive web design makes a business oriented website one step ahead of the competition and nowadays most of the website is having a responsive design. So to keep a neck to neck competition a website needs a responsive design which is fit for both desktop and other smaller smart devices. A responsive design increases the conversion rates and keeps the viewer happy.

If you are not aware of the term “responsive design website” then the simplest definition for you is a website which has optimized viewing ability that is you can access the website in your laptops, touchscreen smart phones and tablets. Thus a responsive design makes a website adaptable to different size of screens and pixel with a hundred percent experience of the site. This makes the website to adapt to the screen size and allows the user to navigate through the website without scrolling left and right and moreover it gives the website compactness even in smaller screens. The websites which appear exactly the same in a desktop as well as in a smartphone but only smaller in size then that is not a responsive design. With responsive design user can interact and navigate the website without zooming in or out.


These are some of the reasons why you need a responsive website design:

Stay in touch with the customers: Statistics shows that more than 30% of the visitors come from tablets and smartphones. And if these 30% of the traffic is not offered with a user friendly option then you are losing the business. So a responsive design makes you to reach a wider range of viewers and keep in touch with them.

Easy to Manage: A website with a responsive design is quite easier to manage as it has got the same set of codes. The websites which are only mobile friendly has to manage by dealing with two different set of codes.

SEO benefits: Most of the people recommend a responsive design for better SEO. Even Google recommends the responsive design as the best for reaching the people. Any twitches performed in the SEO for the desktop version is also applicable to the mobile version so in one go you deal with two problems. You have the probability to stand higher in the completion if you have a responsive design for your website.

Increased conversions or earnings: With a responsive design you are likely to get higher conversion rates and earn more through the advertisements. Migration of three AdSense websites to a responsive design made 20-30% increment in the earnings via ads.

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Why mobile friendly website is important?

Google is now updating their policy and business strategies and focusing on mobile search. As Internet growing on mobile and number of users are increasing day by day so it has been necessary for every company to focus more over on mobile technologies.








Responsive website is current trend of web design to make your website compatible with mobile, tablet and computer. Whenever you look at website from any devices you will have same user experience and you don’t need to zoom pages to view.

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