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10 Reasons People Leave Your Website

You have done everything possible to make your website classy and interesting. You have good content and polished images of the products and services. But still you can’t experience any visitor to actually become interested in your products and services. There are many places where you can put your effort to see your visitors turning into valuable customers. There are always areas to improve on your website and it is more likely that the more you put effort on your website there will be more conversion of visitors to customers. Here in this section we will discuss about the reasons why visitors don’t stick to the offered products and services and we will also take you through how we can improve this situation. Following are the ten most important reasons why people leave your website:

  1. Your Design is out-dated: There arefamous sayings that “don’t judge a book by its cover” but to our astonishment we all do this. And same goes for website also. It has been studied and researched by psychologist that people tend to trust that website which is well designed and up to the latest trend. So if your website looks something from the 90s then it is a time to redesign your website and make it more professional.
  2. Your content is difficult to read: Only the design is not what the users notice in a website. Your content must be readable and not too much of fancy design. Factors like font size of the content, background colour and others can be a deciding factor whether a visitor likes it or not. It must be easily readable. Try using high contrast colours and maintain a standard font size of at least 12 for content and above 20 for headings.
  3. Your site depends on back dated plugins: If you are still using flash files in your website then it is more likely that you are keeping your visitors always waiting and they need to update those out dated plugins. So it is wise to use HTML5 for all videos and animations so that the user is not kept waiting too much. Provide a brief or a transcript of the videos for those visitors who don’t want to see videos.
  4. Too much of advertisements: Too much of ad in your website may piss off your visitors and thus they run away. It has been noticed that visitors don’t trust such website with loads of ad in it everywhere. Make sure that you make your visitors see the actual content and not the ads. The ad should not cover too much of space in the screen otherwise your visitor wont covert into a customer.
  5. The videos auto-plays on your website: whenever I see a website with automatic video playing I am too fast clicking the back button. Today customers are quite choosy about the online content they wish to see. So forcing them with a video is too desperate and thus resulting in running away of customers.
  6. The navigation structure is not well defined: It really pisses off the customers if they don’t get what they are looking for. An untidy navigation structure can lead to harm in SEO also. Thus make sure your website has a tidy and crisp navigation pattern.
  7. Slow loading: It has been confirmed from many researchers conducted by different organization that if the site loads slowly then it is more likely that the visitor will come out of it readily. So it is an important thing to employ optimizer to your website loading process.
  8. Your product benefits are not clear: If the product benefits are not presented in an interesting way than you can’t compel the visitor to buy your products or services. It is a very crucial technique of wisely showing the actual product benefits than the features of the product directly.
  9. Your website is not responsive:Today most of the time users access internet from their mobile devices so if your website doesn’t work properly in a mobile device then you might lose quite a chunk of customers. So if you still haven’t applied a responsive theme for your site then it must be the first thing in your to-do list if you want to increase your customer base.

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